Welcome to Clinton Elementary School

What you Need to Know for a Safe Return to In-School Learning

Clinton is geographically located in the western section of the City of Plainfield. Our diverse school population consists of approximately 391 students whose ethnic backgrounds are various and represent many cultures. Our school maintains a safe and secure learning environment and one of our most important core values is that all students can learn and achieve high academic standards when provided with the right opportunity. In September 2019, we continue provide data driven class instruction based upon a traditional classroom model for all grades K-5.

Included in our K-5 structure, we offer bilingual education to students in grades kindergarten through 5th grade providing one-way immersion as the bilingual model offered. This model aligns with our district bilingual program goals.

All students receive Physical Education, Health, Music, Art,  and Spanish as their World Language. Additionally, students visit the library at least once a week for book exchange.  

Clinton Elementary school also includes three early childhood Special Needs classes in collaboration with our Special Education Department. Our teaching staff consists of highly qualified teachers at all instructional levels our staff includes the following: includes one principal, 33 teachers, one School Social Worker and one School Nurse. Our educational support team consists of one Principal’s Secretary, one Attendance Secretary, one Security officer, one Head Custodian, one Night Second Man-In-Charge, two night Custodians, and two Lunchroom Assistants.

Clinton School’s Leadership Team (SLT) and School Leadership Council (SLC), working collaboratively together, are comprised of staff members, family, and community members. The SLT is primarily responsible for the instructional program and the SLC supports the school’s goals aligned to support our District’s mission.
Our air-conditioned facility includes 22 classrooms, 4 small group instruction rooms, a state of the art media center,  Cafetorium, gymnasium, music room, family resource room, three offices, three age-appropriate playground areas, and a beautifully appointed courtyard.

There are several aspects of our school which support our instructional goal to decrease the number of students scoring below proficiency from the 2019-20 school year. To support our literacy and math instruction, our master schedule provides 90-minutes of instruction for all students in both content areas every day. In addition, the master schedule includes job-embedded professional development for our instructional staff. These strategies are aligned with our district goals and implementation and execution supports our school theme, Health and Family First.

Professional Development is a high priority for our school. Most of our work is guided by our School Improvement Panel (ScIP). Clinton’s ScIP also receives professional development for operating as a committee from the district’s Office of Professional Development. Our Professional Development Committee consists of three teachers and a Principal’s designee. The Principal collaborates with the team in collaboration with our School Leadership team throughout the year to develop a shared decision-making process. All faculty of Clinton School are members of a Professional Learning Community (PLC) who meet regularly to discuss ways to improve instruction.

At Clinton we believe in One Family…One Mission!